How to Contribute

You can contribute to Reno Friends Meeting in a number of ways.

Because we are a volunteer-run organization, time and energy are among our most precious resources.  We welcome anyone who will roll up their sleeves and pitch in.

Once a month we meet after silent worship to discuss all matters of business, a session that is open to all.  At least twice a year we get together on a Saturday morning to make sure our grounds and buildings are well-groomed and in working order;  it’s heartening to have a good turnout of energetic volunteers for those events.

Once a year we seek volunteers who are willing to play important roles managing the state of the Meeting, our finances, our buildings and grounds, and other tasks for the next 12 months. These men and women are vital to the Meeting’s success.

We also welcome financial contributions, large and small. They help cover the cost of First Day School instruction, the Meeting’s charitable giving, and the costs of keeping our buildings up and running.

The Meeting is a tax-exempt charitable organization, and contributions are tax-deductible.

We have an oak lock-box (with a slot in the top) fixed to the wall next to our bulletin board inside the Meeting House for those who want to drop off cash, coins or a check as they visit the building for services or other events. You can also mail us a check made payable to Reno Friends Meeting. For the time being, as our Meeting House is not generally open because of the pandemic, please send checks to our Co-Treasurer Katie Dwyer at 40 Arbor Oak Ct., Reno, 89509. Another alternative is to send money to the Meeting via your bank using the Zelle payment application, which most banks offer for free. To make a Zelle transfer, you’ll need Reno Friends’ bank account number, which you can get by emailing our Treasurer Charlie Shepard at cshepard54(at) It eliminates the need to write a check and, for our Treasurers, to deposit your check at the bank.

We also accept contributions through donor-advised funds, gifts of appreciated shares of stock, and bequests made in wills and trusts. If you have questions, please contact our Co-Treasurer at cshepard54 (at) Thank you from Reno Friends!

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