Our Support for the Work of ‘Alternatives to Violence’

Reno Friends Meeting supports several local and Quaker non-profits working with those in need.  We devote much of our financial support to the inspiring work of the Alternatives to Violence (AVP) Project in northern Nevada, a team of volunteers focused on the Nevada state prison system.

AVP is a global phenomenon: in more than 50 countries, AVP volunteers seek to reduce violence by exposing volunteers – from hardened prisoners to school children – to ways they can reduce conflict without resorting to violence. AVP workshops and facilitators use the life experiences of participants as a means for helping participants learn how to seek constructive positive outcomes to conflicts. Their goal: to empower people to lead non-violent lives through affirmation, respect for all, community building, cooperation and trust.

AVP in Nevada offers 3-day (21-hour) workshops at three levels. Workshop participants may include prisoners and citizens who are interested in becoming AVP facilitators.

  • Basic: concentrates on primary conflict resolution skills. Step-by-step exercises focus on: affirmation, communication, trust and cooperation, community building, and creative conflict resolution.
  • Advanced: takes a deeper look at aspects of violence, such as stereotyping, power, fear, anger, and forgiveness, and builds on the collective group experience in communication, cooperation and problem solving.
  • Training for Facilitators (T4F): Focuses on team building and leadership skills, including group processing skills, team leadership methods, and hands-on experience in presenting and facilitating AVP exercises.

You can read more about AVP at its USA web site or its  international web site.  AVP, founded in a NY prison in 1975, has now spread to more than 50 countries.

If you are interested in learning more about AVP in Nevada or becoming an AVP volunteer facilitator, contact Rita Sloan, either by email at rwrksloan (at) hotmail.com or by mail at 5340 Wildwood Dr., Reno, NV 89511-8065.

You can make a tax-deductible donation to AVP’s work in Nevada by mailing your contribution to Reno Friends Meeting, 497 Highland Avenue, Reno, NV  89512-2219.  Please make your check out to “Reno Friends – AVP.” Reno Friends uses 100% of contributions earmarked to AVP to reimburse AVP volunteers for expenses associated with AVP workshops in the prisons. AVP volunteers contribute their time for free.

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