Meet Some Reno Friends

You will find people from all walks of life at Reno Friends Meeting — from college professor to small business owner, from rancher  to  journalist.

Group Shot at Grovers
We enjoy having fun with Friends – in our home city of Reno, in the rolling foothills that surround Reno, and in Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

We have potlucks and parties at our meeting house, often in the garden.

Celebrating our First Day School teacher’s graduation from the university
Homemade cupcakes; gluten-free and regular

Many of the Reno Friends do volunteer work, and sometimes a group of us will work on a volunteer project.

Ready to plant Sugar Pine seedlings as part of a volunteer project
Hard work, but fun!

Smiles on a special day!
So proud of our friend!
Shovels ready for planting trees!
A woman in a forest planting a tree
Getting dirty, but having fun!
A beautiful day in the forest

During the pandemic, we had to do things differently. Our Easter party featured both Easter bonnets and masks!

We all got familiar with using Zoom, and we even had our Christmas party on Zoom. We’re still using Zoom now for spiritual discussions in the evenings.

Screen shot of a Zoom session with multiple participants
2020 Zoom Christmas Party!

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