Might You Be a Quaker?

If so, we developed this short, light-hearted checklist to help you explore that question. 

  • Do you long for more quiet in your life?
  • Do you prefer the questions to the answers?
  • Do you drive a Subaru, a hybrid, an EV, or ride a bike?
  • Do you believe there is that of God in everyone?
  • Are you willing to wait for clarity?
  • Do you wear sensible shoes or own lots of sweaters?
  • Are you intrigued by the possibility of consensus?
  • Are you troubled by war?
  • Do you break for squirrels?
  • Do you rather enjoy potlucks?
  • Do you celebrate difference?

If you answered yes to any of these questions – or had a good laugh reading them – please consider visiting the Reno Friends Meeting House and joining us for a Sunday morning hour of Silent Worship.

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