First Day School

First Day School image
Our First Day School is in a small building behind our Meeting House

NOTE: As of June 2021, the First Day School is open only at parent request, and will be conducted outside.  Please email clerk(at) ahead of time if you are interested in bringing children to Reno Friends Meeting during this time.

Children who are too young for an hour of silent worship are invited to attend our First Day School. Young children begin the hour with the adults, participating in silent worship in our Meeting House. After ten minutes, the children quietly step out and gather in the adjacent First Day School building. our long-time FDS teacher and an adult volunteer offer an informal lesson to the children from 9:40 to 10:30 am.

The children rejoin the adults at 10:30 am and share with the Meeting what they have done during First Day School.

Here are some of our First Day School attendees in recent years:

two young children

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