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If you would like to learn more about the Religious Society of Friends and other Quaker organizations – including our regional affiliates, Pacific Yearly Meeting and College Park Quarterly Meeting – here are some helpful online resources:

OnLINE Fellowship and Silent Worship
Western Regional Quaker Organizations and Publications
  • College Park Quarterly Meeting – a quarterly gathering of unprogrammed Monthly Meetings of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in the Northern California and Northern Nevada region, including Reno Friends Meeting.
  • Pacific Yearly Meeting – a regional organization that hosts an  annual gathering of Friends from the Pacific region including California, Nevada, Hawaii, Mexico and Guatemala. PYM provides guidance and oversight to the Reno Friends Meeting.
  • Faith and Practice – a handbook that provides guidance as to what it means to be a Quaker in the Pacific Yearly Meeting.
  • Committee on Unity with Nature of the Pacific Yearly Meeting – a website with writings by Quakers past and present exploring the concept of unity with nature and reordering our lives toward a more harmonious and Spirit-filled relationship to Creation.
  • Las Vegas Friends Worship Group – the web site for a small group of Quakers who meet for worship Sundays in Las Vegas NV.
  • Friends Meetings in California – links to web sites for monthly Meetings in the state of California.
  • Ben Lomond Quaker Center – a self-service conference and retreat center with simple, comfortable and modestly priced accommodations, located outside Santa Cruz, CA.
  • Woolman at the Sierra Friends Center – a Nevada City, CA, nonprofit educational community dedicated to the principles of peace, justice and sustainability. Woolman offers educational programs for teens, retreats for adults, and summer camps for children and families on its campus, 230 acres of meadows, woods, streams and ponds in the Sierra Nevada foothills, about 90 miles west of Reno.
  • Western Friend – web site for the magazine of the same name, the official publication of the regional Pacific, North Pacific and Intermountain Yearly Meetings. Published eight times a year, Western Friend magazine was formerly known as Friends Bulletin. Western Friend’s website has a list of western Meetings offering zoom worship to Quakers near and far.
National Quaker Organizations and Publications
  • Quaker Earthcare Witness – a network of North American Friends (Quakers) and other like-minded people who are taking spirit-led action to address the ecological and social crises of the world, emphasizing Quaker process and testimonies.
  • Quaker.org – a very comprehensive list of Quaker-related links from the Religious Society of Friends and a good place to begin any search for or about the Quakers.
  • Friends General Conference – an association of regional Quaker organizations mostly in the U.S. and Canada, it provides services and resources for individual Quakers, Quaker meetings and people interested in the Quaker way.
  • Friends World Committee for Consultation – an umbrella organization for the 400,000+ Friends around the world.
  • The Quaker Universalist Fellowship is a gathering of Friends who work to foster understanding among Quakers, and people from the diverse spiritual cultures which flourish in our globalized human community.
  • A Quaker Call to Action is a group of Quakers concerned about threats to democracy in the U.S.
  • American Friends Service Committee – a Quaker organization that promotes social justice, peace, and humanitarian service worldwide. AFSC hosts regular webinars; register at the website.
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation – a Washington, DC-based Quaker lobby for peace and justice. Holds Virtual Witness Silent Reflections every Wednesday. Register at the website.
  • Friends Association for Higher Education – seeks to strengthen the Quaker mission in higher education, in part by supporting the Friends’ ideal of integrating spiritual commitment, social responsibility and academic excellence. Its site includes this list of its member colleges and universities.
  • Pendle Hill – a Quaker study center near Philadelphia, PA, that offers workshops, retreats and resident programs for adults seeking spiritual, intellectual and personal learning.
  • Friends Journal – an independent magazine serving the Religious Society of Friends.
  • QuakerSpeak, a bi-weekly Quaker video project by Friends Journal
  • Quaker Thought for the Day – British Yearly Meeting Shares a Daily Feed of Advices and Queries.
  • Evangelical Friends Church International – a global organization supporting an alternative, more Christ-centered version of Quakerism organized not in meetings but in more than 1,100  churches representing more than 140,000 Evangelical Friends in 24 countries.
  • Friendly Water for the World is a Quaker non-profit that seeks to provide clean water, health education and more in vulnerable communities around the world.
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