History of Reno Friends Meeting

Reno Friends is the only Quaker Monthly Meeting in Nevada. The Meeting started in the 1960s, when local Quakers began congregating for Silent Worship. For a time, they met at the Evelyn Mount Recreation Center on Valley Road in Reno. Across the parking lot, on Highland Avenue, a small private home with a garden and garage came up for sale, and the Meeting soon raised the money to purchase it. Members of the Meeting renovated the little brick house into a sanctuary, taking out the upstairs rooms to create a high-ceiling space. They also converted the separate garage into the Meeting’s First Day School, and renovated the small cottage behind the Meeting House for use as a rental.

Since that time, Reno Quakers have gathered for Silent Worship every Sunday morning in the Meeting House, or outside in the Meeting House garden.

Reno Friends Meeting was incorporated with the state of Nevada in 1969. Its official name is the Reno Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Reno Friends is a member of the Pacific Yearly Meeting of Quakers.

Many thanks to Dan Sims for the pictures of the Meeting House renovation.

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