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Quakers have no single definition of God, no specific dogma or creed. While the Friends have a Christian tradition, and traditionally worship in silence, you will find a wide range of spiritual practices among modern Quakers.

Reno Friends Meeting is an unprogrammed Quaker Meeting, which means we worship in silence without a pastor or liturgy. Our members and attenders, however, come from a variety of religious and spiritual backgrounds. For instance, you will find some members who are non-theist and others with religious roots in mainline Christian churches, Judaism and Buddhism. Whatever the source of a member’s religious practice, all find common ground and sustenance in our meeting for worship.

Unlike other Christian churches, Quakers worship in silence, and ministry arises only as the spirit moves people to speak. Without a pastor leading us, all members are called to participate in ministry, whether to listen or to speak. We believe each of us can have direct experience of the Spirit of God and that something of God is expressed in everyone’s life.

You can learn more about the Religious Society of Friends by visiting the pages included in the All About Quakers drop-down menu.

The Quaker FAQ offers answers to questions often posed by those unfamiliar with the Society of Friends.

A Quaker Glossary is a guide to terms used within the Society of Friends.

Quaker Resources Online puts you one click away from a wealth of information about the Religious Society of Friends worldwide, in the United States and in Northern Nevada and California.

Friends often complete the study of a problem, whether spiritual or worldly, by offering a set of queries, believing that these may open the way to truth more effectively than a set of conclusions. This practice dates from the early days of the Quaker movement.

Our Monthly Queries page provides links to the 12 monthly queries developed by Pacific Yearly Meeting, a regional organization that includes local meetings like Reno Friends located in Nevada and Northern and Southern California.

We’ve included a short, fun quiz to help you See If You Might Be a Quaker at heart.

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