Monthly Queries

As the Pacific Yearly Meeting Faith in Practice tells us, Friends have often completed the study of a problem, whether spiritual or worldly, by offering a set of queries, believing that these may open the way to truth more effectively than a set of conclusions. This practice dates from the early days of the Quaker movement.

The monthly queries – technically known as Advices and Queries – challenge and inspire us in our personal lives and in our corporate life. If the ideal of Christian discipleship seems impossibly demanding, and we become disheartened at times, we should remember that we seek it not with our own strength, but with the strength of the Light within.

The queries are intended for use in monthly meetings as well as for personal devotions. Some meetings read one section each month; the Reno Friends customarily do this during our meeting for business the second Sunday of the month.

Some queries are intended for individuals. The italicized portion of the queries is intended for the Meeting collectively.

You can read each month’s queries  using the All About Quakers drop-down menu or by clicking on the links below:

January: Spiritual Life

February: Meeting for Worship for Business

March: Stewardship and Vocation

April: Harmony with Creation

May: Social and Civic Responsibility

June: Reaching Out

July: Simplicity

August: Integrity and Personal Conduct

September: Personal Relationships

October: Peace

November: The Meeting Community

December: Meeting for Worship

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