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How Healthy is our Quaker Meeting?

Just as people need regular check-ups, so do Quaker Meetings. Earlier this year, a Friend raised a question: how healthy is our Meeting? I looked around the room. There we were, a circle of caring people who meet regularly for Silent Worship in a comfortable Meeting House. Next door, our gifted First Day School teacher was working with a group of children. Outside, the Meeting House grounds were freshly trimmed, thanks to a group of generous volunteers. We had projects and activities on the schedule, and causes we care about and support in the larger world.  What could be amiss?

But as many churches and institutions know, surface calm can hide divisions and problems that may quietly bleed commitment and trust from the group. And so Reno Friends considered the question of our health. To frame the discussion, we read an article by Jan Greene and Marty Walton, two seasoned Friends, about the characteristics of healthy Meetings.

According to Greene and Walton, healthy Meetings have a clear sense of themselves and what they are called to do and be. They are places where it is safe to say “this is what I believe.” They include all types of people and offer a spiritual home for people making changes in their lives, deepening their relationship with God, or trying to discern God’s leadings. Healthy Meetings also care for their corporate life, and they understand that conflict is inevitable in any Meeting that is vital and growing, and that conflict can even deepen a Meeting spiritually. Healthy Meetings will discern when they have moved away from wholeness and have the courage to stay with difficult issues and wait for guidance from God.

There was a lot to think about, more than we could explore that morning. And so Reno Friends agreed to gather again this fall for a discussion or Worship Sharing about the standards for healthy Meetings and an assessment of how we measure up. No doubt we will find things we need to work on to improve, but thanks to the Friend who posed the question, at least we will be working together to identify and address our shortcomings.

Wendy Swallow, Clerk of Reno Friends Meeting

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The opinions expressed above are not necessarily those of Reno Friends Meeting.