Silent Worship in the Garden

Bring a chair or a mat or blanket to sit on

When the weather is very nice, we may hold Silent Worship in the Garden. Please follow these guidelines so that everyone feels safe:

  • The Meeting House is open for bathroom and library use.
  • Mask usage is optional inside the Meeting House
  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well.
  • We have lots of space in the garden; leave some space between yourself and your fellow worshippers.
  • Bring your own folding chair (beach or camp), a mask if you are not vaccinated, and a hat (it’s sunny) and an umbrella, in case of a brief shower.
  • If you need a chair provided for you, arrive early enough for one to be brought out for you from inside the Meeting House.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early to get situated on the lawn.
  • Since it is difficult to hear outdoors, we will have a microphone stand and speaker set up in the center of the garden. If you are moved to speak during the silence, please go to the microphone to speak so everyone can hear you. Ignore the furball on the end of the microphone; it’s a wind muff and will not bite! Please put your mouth close to the wind muff while speaking so that the microphone will pick up your voice, but please don’t touch the microphone while using it.
  • On first and third Sundays, we will be holding Hybrid Garden Worship, which means that we will have an active Zoom session through a computer in the garden so that those unable to join us in person may participate in our worship. If you will be joining us via Zoom, please review our Zoom Guidelines.
  • The area in the front part of our garden to the east of our Meeting House sign will not be visible online during hybrid worship. If you would like to be off camera, please sit in that area.
  • NOTE: In the case of extreme heat, inclement weather, or smoky air, we may move the worship inside the Meeting House. We will space chairs and manage ventilation as best we can. If possible, we will make a decision the evening before with regards to a problematic weather forecast and send out an email; we may choose to move Silent Worship to Zoom. Check your email before you come if the weather looks doubtful.
  • In the event of an unexpected disruption during our worship, the worship clerk will move us to the adjoining park, into the Meeting House, or suggest we retreat to sit in our cars until we can reassemble, or disband the session.

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