Quaker Practice

Listening to the Spirit: Clearness Committees

When I went through a difficult time in my life many years ago, I drew great solace from a group of Quaker women. We met twice a month for fellowship and food, offering each other in turn the gift of compassionate listening. I was moved by their patience with me and by their restraint. Instead of showering me with advice, they just listened, trusting that all I needed was a chance to lay out the problem and see it afresh.

Quaker Testimonies

Exploring the Quaker Testimonies

For the past several months, Reno Friends have been meeting twice a month to explore what the Quakers call “testimonies” – shared truths that Quakers have learned through their own experience.

Meeting Community

A New Home on the Web

When my husband and I moved to Reno seven years ago, we went searching for a spiritual community online….

I checked out several different religious websites, but was attracted to Reno Friends Meeting by the personal feel of its site.  There were bios of attenders, welcoming faces, and a treasure trove of material on Quakerism.  We went to Silent Worship the next weekend and have been attending ever since.