RFM Policies

RFM Policies

The following policy documents can be found below, in the order listed here:

  • Worship Clerk Guidelines
  • Guidelines for Meeting House Use
  •  Policy on Artwork Inside the Meeting House
  • Guidelines for Reimbursing PYM and CPQM Representatives Who Attend Official PYM and CPQM Meetings
  •  Policy on Individual Requests for Financial Assistance

Worship Clerk Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to establish a regular order of business for close of Silent Worship.  We ask that those who serve as Worship Clerks do their best to follow these guidelines.

Worship Clerks should try to get to the Meeting House about ten minutes before Meeting and settle into their chair before 10 am so as to set the tone.  Once we have a small sign to hang on the Meeting House door (saying that Silent Worship is in Progress), the Worship Clerks can put out the sign, shut the door and sit down right at 10 am.

At the end of Silent Worship, the Worship Clerks should say:  “Good morning, Friends.  We will have afterthoughts first, followed by cares and concerns, then introductions, and announcements last.”

Then follow this sequence:


Ask if anyone has anything to share – word it as you wish. Examples are below:

  •  “Does anyone have any thoughts they would like to share after silent worship?”
  • “Would anyone like to say anything at this time that they did not feel  lead to share during silent worship?”

 Cares and Concerns:

“Does anyone have a care or concern?  Please be brief so all who need to can speak.”


  • Share names around the circle.
  • Ask if anyone new to Meeting would like to share something about themselves.


  • The usual scheduled events are second Sunday business meeting and fourth Sunday potluck. Other announcements may be posted on the board.
  • Ask if there are any additional announcements.

After Announcements, the Worship Clerk should invite newcomers to the sign-in book and feel free to take a brochure or questions – examples are below:

  • “If there are newcomers in the room, please feel free to sign our Welcome Book on the little table.”
  • “There are brochures on the table regarding Quakerism for those interested.”
  • “If anyone has questions about the Meeting, the clerk can answer or find someone who can.”

Close the Meeting:

“Let us Rise from Meeting.”

Closing the Meeting House:

The Worship Clerk should make sure that the checklist in the kitchen is done OR delegate the task to another if you need to.  Make sure someone locks up.


Guidelines for Meeting House Use

  •  The bulletin board in the Meeting House proper is limited to Reno Friends and Quaker-related materials.  The bulletin board in the kitchen can be used for announcements from non-profit groups that share Quaker values.  No for-profit businesses should have their material posted or left for distribution in the Meeting House or First Day School.
  • Outside groups or individuals using our buildings should further Quaker ways or contribute to the wider community.
  • Outside groups or individuals seeking to use our buildings must make a presentation to Meeting for Business and be approved.  The Meeting Clerk handles such requests; please direct all requests to the Meeting Clerk.
  • If an approved use of the buildings is not “under the care of the Meeting,” then a member or attender of the Meeting must act as the RFM representative to oversee access, proper use and locking up.
  • If an approved use is “not under the care of the Meeting,” then RFM requires the group or individual to enter into a simple agreement.  This agreement will include:
    • Dates and times of usage
    • An agreement not to smoke or drink within the buildings
    • Proof of insurance
    • A refundable deposit against damage to the buildings
    • A rental fee in the form of a donation to the Meeting.

(Specific guidelines for approving requests for use of the Meeting House by outside groups are available from the Meeting Clerk.  Please email clerk@renofriends.org.)

Policy on Artwork Inside the Meeting House

  • No artwork shall become permanent since Friends do not embrace a fixed creed or dogma;
  • Artwork displayed in the Meeting House will be there only “on loan”;
  • Business Meeting approve the installation of all artwork;
  • Decisions about installing or removing artwork take into consideration the potential to damage walls and necessitate wall repair and painting; and,
  • The Meeting does not assume any liability for artwork in the Meeting House.


Guidelines for Reimbursing PYM and CPQM Representatives Who Attend Official PYM and CPQM Meetings

  • No Reno Friend should feel he or she cannot represent Reno Friends Meeting as a PYM or CPQM representative at scheduled Meetings because of financial limitations.
  • Reno Friends Meeting agrees to reimburse the cost of registration, housing and meals for our approved PYM and CPQM representatives.  The Meeting will reimburse housing up to the rate of the least expensive bed available or a reasonable alternative.  If PYM or CPQM offers hospitality through a host Meeting, our representatives are strongly encouraged to find housing through Quaker hosts, if possible.
  • In extenuating circumstances, or if additional costs are anticipated, the PYM/CPQM rep may apply in advance to the Oversight Committee for additional support, as may any members/attenders of Reno Friends who would like to attend PYM or Quarterly Meetings but feel they cannot afford to go.
  • For trips to attend PYM or RepComm, the Meeting asks that PYM representatives apply to PYM directly for reimbursement of their mileage costs.  For travel for our representative to CPQM Meetings, Reno Friends will reimburse mileage at 50% of the IRS’s standard mileage rate for business purposes.
  • It is the representative’s responsibility to submit timely reimbursement requests to the appropriate party, whether that is PYM or the Reno Friends Meeting Finance Clerk.
  • It is the PYM or CPQM representative’s responsibility to report back to Reno Friends Business Meeting what took place at the PYM or CPQM meeting they attended as the RFM representative.
  • If a PYM or CPQM representative is led not to seek reimbursement from the Meeting for their registration and/or travel to a PYM/CPQM meeting, Reno Friends encourages the representative to submit their reimbursable expenses as an in-kind donation so these costs can be recognized in the annual Reno Friends’ financial records. Anyone who does so will receive a year-end contribution letter from the Meeting that specifies the standard IRS mileage rate for those volunteering for a charitable organization; this rate may be lower than the reimbursement rate that the Meeting uses and may affect the size of the contribution that the donor can claim on his or her tax return.
  • RFM agrees to cover the costs for both the PYM and CPQM representatives in 2013, and agrees to budget $1,000 for the combined costs in 2014.

Adopted July 2013 

Policy on Individual Requests for Financial Assistance

Occasionally, individuals who are not members or attenders of Reno Friends Meeting ask the Meeting for financial and/or other types of assistance.  While we honor the advice of our testimonies to help those in need, we also recognize our limitations. We are a small religious institution, without funds or staff to respond to such individual requests. With that in mind, our Monthly Meeting agrees on the following policy:

  • The Meeting will not encourage requests for financial assistance because a) we lack the resources to respond to and address these requests b) we do not have the resources to adequately manage security on Meeting House grounds – including the safety of our full-time tenant – if our location becomes a magnet for those in Reno seeking assistance.
  • To provide a consistent and helpful response to any requests of this kind, Reno Friends will maintain a flyer explaining:
    • The Meeting does not have money, food or clothing to provide to those in need who may seek it;
    • The Meeting recommends the following non-profit organizations to those who have requests for assistance  (we’ll include directions):

i.      The Reno Community Assistance Center at 335 Record Street, which has shelters and many services;
ii.      Catholic Charities, which operates the St. Vincent’s center and dining room at 500 East Fourth St. in Reno.  St. Vincent’s provides a midday meal from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm Mon.-Sat. for anybody.  Catholic Charities’ website (www.ccsnn.org) also has an extensive list of services in Reno.

  • If a Member/Attender of Reno Friends is approached for assistance while on the Meeting House grounds, the Member/Attender should give the person our flyer and explain our policy.  We ask that Friends adhere to this approach: while on the Meeting House grounds, we are all representatives of the Meeting, making it of paramount importance to follow this policy and avoid unwanted consequences.
  • If a Member/Attender of Reno Friends feels strongly that the Meeting should consider providing assistance to an outside individual (someone not associated with the Meeting), the Friend/Attender will bring the matter to the Oversight Committee.  If the need is small and the Oversight Committee deems it appropriate, Oversight may use a portion of its limited fund.  If the need is more than Oversight can manage, Oversight may bring the issue to Business Meeting for review and a consensus decision.  Business Meeting’s consideration of the request will include rereading of this policy.

Adopted June 5, 2016