Embodying the Light

Embodying the Light Class: Tai Chi, Quigong, and Yoga

Rhonda Ashurst leads the “Embodying the Light” class as a service to Reno Friends and the community. While the weather is good, she is holding class at Lake Park. This quiet park is at the intersection of Wesley and Coleman Streets, off Keystone Avenue. There is adequate parking on both streets, on the park side. We will do our Tai Chi/Qigong practice standing, but please bring a folding chair or mat for our brief meditation, and please bring a mask. We will have adequate room to space out so wearing the mask is optional if it is difficult for you to breathe with one while exercising. There is no bathroom at the park, so plan accordingly.

This class draws from eastern practices with the intention of embodying the Light in our physical bodies and our daily lives. Learn about becoming a clearer vessel for the Light, clearing blocks, releasing tension, being present in the moment, feeling the flow of inner energy, improving balance and breathing, and strengthening the muscles that carry us through physical life. Movements are gentle and easy so anyone can do them. We also take time for questions, discussion and reflection. Rhonda plans on taking Embodying the Light onto Zoom in October. Watch for an announcement and a Zoom link.

If you cannot attend Rhonda’s class, you can always access video and written instructions on Rhonda’s website: https://rhondaashurst.com/embodying-the-light/