In this time of strife, Reno Friends Meeting endorses the following statement from the Friends Committee on National Legislation:

“As we stand with protesters throughout the country calling for radical social transformation, we affirm that Black Lives Matter. We know that those of us who are white must confront racism in ourselves and in the institutions we care about—our faith communities, our schools, our neighborhoods, our families, our Congress.  We stubbornly remain hopeful that we can change policies that perpetuate racist structures and build a society with equity and justice for all.” ~  Diane Randall, General Secretary, Friends Committee on National Legislation

Welcome to Reno Friends Meeting and the Quaker Community of Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe, located at 497 Highland Ave. near the campus of the University of Nevada Reno.

Our Meeting is a gathering place for Quakers and those of all faiths drawn to the Quaker tradition of silent worship and to Quaker values such as simplicity, community, integrity, nonviolence, equality and harmony with nature.

Each Sunday morning we come together for an hour of silent worship, followed by time for sharing reflections and for fellowship.

Our Meeting House is currently closed for gatherings, but we are sitting in silent worship in our garden Sunday mornings at 9:30.  See our newsletter for our other activities.   

For silent worship in the garden, we have developed a set of guidelines so that everyone can feel safe.

We welcome visitors and newcomers; please consider joining us on an upcoming Sunday, or for another event on our Calendar

We offer a fun and educational First Day School program for children. (First Day School is currently closed due to the pandemic.)

Reno Friends is an Open and Affirming spiritual community, and we welcome the GLBT community. See more at All About Reno Friends.

Here’s a guide to our site:

  • Stay in touch with what’s happening at Reno Friends by visiting our Calendar or viewing our monthly newsletter at RFM News.
  • If you want to find our Meeting House or reach us by phone or email, visit the  Find/Contact Us page.  We are just north of downtown Reno and east of  University of Nevada Reno at 497 Highland Ave. in Reno.
  • Each month we explore a different facet of our Meeting, of Quaker practices and testimonies, or of life in general in Our Blog.
  • All About Reno Friends offers a window into the Quaker community in Northern Nevada. Quakers call their faith communities “meetings”; those communities meet in what are known as meeting houses.
  • First-time visitors may find it helpful to read What Happens During Sunday Services. Or try our light-hearted Might You Be a Quaker? checklist!
  • All About Quakers is full of information about the Religious Society of Friends, a worldwide movement of diverse theological views and experience that has its roots in 17th-century English Protestantism.  Quaker is a nickname for the Friends.

Friends Meeting House on an Early Spring Day

Welcome to Our Meeting House!

This is the web site for the Reno Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, a Nevada not-for-profit corporation. Since our formal title is a mouthful, we use the name Reno Friends Meeting in day-to-day conversation. We use the term Quakers interchangeably with Friends.

If you have any questions or comments about the Reno Friends, please e-mail us at clerk (at) . E-mail is the quickest, most reliable way to reach us.  We check our phone, (775) 329-9400, periodically, but not frequently (we are an entirely volunteer organization).

If you have any problems with or suggestions for our web site, please email webmaster (at) . Thank you ahead of time for your help!